Invitation 2023

Program 2023

Here you find the presentations from the conference:

Session 1: Big picture – the Nordic tax systems in a global
Dr. Seppo Kari
Prof. Emeritus Peter Melz

Session 2: Tax perspectives on selected Nordic topics
Prof. Mattias Dahlberg

Session 3: Should Nordic cooperation in international fora be more proactive in the field of taxation?
Prof. Emeritus Thomas Wilhelmsson
Prof. Emeritus Peter Melz
Filip Kjellberg

Session 4: Memories. NSFR – Journey in five decades
Prof. Thórólfur Matthiasson & prof. Teresa Simon-Almendal

Session 5: Paris Effect. OECD´s growing role in the harmonization of taxation regimes. Experiences from the OECD steering group
Docent Matti Urpilainen

Session 6: Nordic approach in the changing tax environment
The Finnish Tax Administration’s approach to customer understanding & co-operation
Tax Director Johanna Waal
Tax Director Tomas Algotsson

Recent CJEU practice on selected income tax topics
Docent Kristiina Äimä

Nordic Tax Journal Prize 2023
Julia Tropina Bakke