Invitation 2023

Program 2023

Here you find the presentations from the conference:

Session 1: Big picture – the Nordic tax systems in a global
Dr. Seppo Kari
Prof. Emeritus Peter Melz

Session 2: Tax perspectives on selected Nordic topics
Prof. Mattias Dahlberg

Session 3: Should Nordic cooperation in international fora be more proactive in the field of taxation?
Prof. Emeritus Thomas Wilhelmsson
Prof. Emeritus Peter Melz
Filip Kjellberg

Session 4: Memories. NSFR – Journey in five decades
Prof. Thórólfur Matthiasson & prof. Teresa Simon-Almendal

Session 5: Paris Effect. OECD´s growing role in the harmonization of taxation regimes. Experiences from the OECD steering group
Docent Matti Urpilainen

Session 6: Nordic approach in the changing tax environment
The Finnish Tax Administration’s approach to customer understanding & co-operation
Tax Director Johanna Waal
Tax Director Tomas Algotsson

Recent CJEU practice on selected income tax topics
Docent Kristiina Äimä

Nordic Tax Journal Prize 2023
Julia Tropina Bakke

Please also find the following articles written by the conference speakers.
Prof. Emeritus Frederik Zimmer
Jur.lic & fomer justice of the Supreme Administrative Court Olle Olsson